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Okay, so I'm finally getting the hang of this new page. I had to redesign my whole layout because it wasn't looking well and build from an existing one. If you have any comments, suggestions or whatever, send fan mail here.

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Last Updated: March 23rd, 2019

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Welcome to musicapocalypse, a website dedicated to empowering and uplighting marginalized voices within the music community, particularly with a focus on minorities. This website was built due to the web host's realization of the lack of diversity within the industry. This website is NOT a place to bash other sexes, races, other ways of life, etc. It is simply a way to give a platform for unrepresented voices within the music industry. I hope that my site bring you joy, hope, and inspiration! Thanks for viewing!


New layout along with interviews are headed your way!

Band of The Month is a feature dedicated to the band of my choice. For March, I have picked Veruca Salt as the first female orientated band to spotlight.

Veruca Salt is an American bases alternative/grunge band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. They are most known for their singles "Seether" and "Volcano Girls". You can visit their website by clicking here .

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