The Beginning:

Well, since almost every cool site has an 'about me' section, I'm jumping the bandwagon and following! My name is ****** and I live on the west coast of the USA. I'm from the east coast though, hehe. Ths site was created due to the realization that the rock industry is well.... rather mono. As a woman of color, a taboo seems to be implemented when minorities listen to alternative forms of music. To combat this, I used my amateur HTML skills to create a site that supports, acknowledges, and (hopefully) encourage others going through the same thing.

On to the stuff about me:

I already stated some stuff about me, so let's get on to the nitty gritty. I am in the 11th grade and am going to graduate next year (yay!). I was born in the year of 2001, so it's really bittersweet for me bc I was too young to remember most of the early 2000s , yet I was alive when the years happened. Does that make sense? Haha. Anyway, I have a tongue for retro things, history, and vintage things. This is exemplified through this website, my hogging and buying of HitClips and Cassettes, and my clothing style. Okay, okay....I'm getting there with the clothing. Politically, I avoid politics bc partisanship is @ an all-time low, but I best identify as a Democrat. I consider myself a feminist, and I hate when ppl pigeonhole femimism into "hating men" or "unneeded". It is ALWAYS needed. I really, REALLY hope that rock music becoms mainstream again as I love the spirit and attitude behind it, but I'm afraid that the community is damaging itself imo. Well, I think that's it so far. May I add more in the future...

My Music Taste:

I have a soft spot for grunge music and alternative music in general as it relates to my cringey tween years, but I love all types of music. From rap to pop to hip hop to nu metal to alternative to disco to funk and more, I consider myself to have a diverse taste in music as diversity means a lot to me.

Here is me, circa 2015. ...

...and me now

As a child, my taste in music stemmed from my family and my community. I remember one evening in either 2004 or 2005 where I was jamming out on my CD Player to Mary J. Blidge, Fantasia, Mariah Carey and the like. I still had a few memories of rocking out as my DS player had a music game in which songs like "What's My Age Again?", "Girfriend" (I remember seeing that on the TV, thanks Avril), "Underclass Hero", and the like. They even included thoghtful. R&B music accompanied throughout my childhood years, but around the age of 12-13, I fell in love with this band called 5SOS. I had a crush on the lead singer, Luke Hemmings lmao and wanted to embody the ideas ad musical styles of them. To fit in more with the "punk" leanings of the group, I started listening to Nirvana as the band loved them. As I listened to "Lithium" (or was it "Teen Spirit"?) for the first time, I became deeply embodied into the world of grunge music. I started to browse the alternative rock music choice channel, hoping that Nirvana would come on (and they did!). I spent my time searching the internet for info, looking @ videos, and even buying Kurt's biography. Whew! As I dug deeper into the alternative culture, I soon discovered Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, R.E.M., Stone Temple Pilots, Blind Melon, and the like. Some of those artist have led me through tough times, and due to such, I've developed a soft spot for them.

Pearl Jam! "Jeremy" is one of my favorite songs!

Nirvana! One of my favorite bands... if not, my fave!

Silverchair! I recently started to listen to more of their songs and they rock :)

Blink 182 was a small part of my childhood as my DS game had "What's My Age Again?" on it :D

Green Day! "21 Guns" and "American Idiot" were my tUneSsss!


Classic rock came next, as I listened to Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and so on. My taste has branched on since then as I listen to A Perfect Circle, Blink 182, Rage Against the Machine, New Found Glory, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Screaming Trees, Veruca Salt, Weezer, Blur, etc. At a time, I was discouraged from listening to such. I was prevented from listening to the music that I enjoyed as it was labeled as "weird". I know that many people go through and have went through a similar experience, so I hope that this website allows them to express their true self without judgement.

Favorite Bands (pics!):

I kinda just did this hehe....but I suppose that I can do it again

Things That I Like:

Music, YouTube,"why we don't hear from.... why so-and so flopped/succeeded......where are they now?" type videos, mysteries, old web, open minded people, shopping, vintage clothing, record shopping, cartoons, finding new music, juice, rain, cloudy days, reading, making good grades, candy (jUst lIke CAAANNDDYYY), pop culture, VHS aesthetic, old movie stars, cafes, boys who cry (the band....and maybe the concept), 70s/90/00s pop culture, memes, cartoons, bread... I *LOVE* bread!!!, instant film & photography, watching a good movie, the look that old photos have, the "Internets"...bushisms in general actually, activism, shopping in general, video games....

Things That I Dislike:

Racism, sexism, homophobia, rude ppl, self-absorbed people, shallowness, flashy people

Fun Facts:

I have been in advanced/ AP classes throughout my school years

I'm a choir nerd! I sing in an advanced choir at school (kinda a given...hehe)

My first crush was Taylor Lautner.

I have lived in three states

I love to challenge societal values and push boundaries

I've never broken a bone

Staunch LGBTQ ally!

I remember some parts of my childhood from 2003- onwards

Mike Pence wants me dead

I LOVE it when boys show their feminine side and aren't afraid to paint their nails, wear a dress, show their feelings, etc.

....and I also have a tendency to want to giive up html for HTML5 :)))))

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