Welcome to my blog page where I write about the latest tidbits inside of my mind. Most of these will be music related and will be pertained to me discovering new music, writing my thoughts about an album, and the like. So, here it goes....


May 27th, 2018:

I submitted a pitch to AfroPunk about my teenage experience with dwelving into the world of Nirvana, Alice in Chains, etc. Hopefully, it gets published as I accidently hit 'send' earlier than I wanted. Yikes.

I'm looking to interview an artist from the UK, so hopefully that also works out. I really love interviewing people= it's so fun :))

It's summer, so I have more time to update. Woohoo...

May 27th, 2018:

Sent someone "Ana's Song (Open Fire)" because they seem to be going through a hard time. It's the least that I could do.

Listened to JLS's "Beat Again". A bit of nostalgia surrounds that song. I don't like their other stuff though.

I've been listening to some r&b throwback songs- gosh, they put me in such a good mood! I danced to "Yeah" by Usher while doing chores ^-^

I also discovered this Australian punk band called Frenzal Rhomb. I downloaded their songs "Punch in the Fcae" and "Never Had so Much Fun" into my playlist.

Until next time....

May 24th, 2018:

Hello, again.

Today, I listened to my daily dose of music.....mainly just some rap for today. "New Freezer" by Rich the Kid is a pretty good least I think so.

For rock music, I jammed out to "Miss You Love" by Silverchair. I'm not obsessed, I swear, but whew....what a bunch of good looking guys

I'm talking to you, 90s Daniel.

Toodles for now...

"Make room for the prey/ 'Cause I'm coming in/ With what I wanna say but/ It's gonna hurt/ And I love the pain/ A breeding ground for hate but/ I'm not, not sure/ Not too sure how it feels/ To handle everyday/ Like the one that just past/ In the crowds of all the people/ Remember today/ I've no respect for you/ And I miss you love/ And I miss you love"


May 23rd, 2018:

Listened to some cool tunes today. Today was a Silverchair kinda day today. I listened to "Tommorrow", "Israel's Son," "Abuse Me", and "Freak" on repeat. Good tunes. Frogstomp makes me cringe (lyrics wise) sometimes. Typical. bUt tHey wEre oNly 15!!1!!!!11!1


"In Bloom" came on the radio and slapped me right back into my "grunge" days.

This girl thought that Weezer was a 70s band.

They don't call 'em soft rock for nothing