Welcome to Girls Who Rock!, a website dedicated to empowering and uplifting women in a male dominated industry, particularly with a focus on minorities.

This website was built due to the web host's realization of the lack of diversity within the rock industry.

Being a woman of color, there seems to be a bit of a taboo against listening to alternative styles of music, and this website wants to change that.

This website is NOT a place to bash other sexes, races, other ways of life, etc.

It is simply a way to give a platform for unrepresented voices within the music industry.

I hope that my site bring you joy, hope, and inspiration!

Thanks for viewing!


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This website just went online, so progress is slow, sadly.

I'm currently collecting interviews, my favorite links, writing articles, etc.

This website parodies the style of early Geocities/Angelfire websites, so if my site looks crappy on purpose, that's why.

I love the aesthetic of old internet websites, so bare with me as the layout is subject to change. Thanks!

This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer- Netscape sux! Sorry!

For the next few days, I will be updating the site bc nothing is here...hehe.

Every girl deserves a chance to control her own destiny...

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